Soy Sauce

As a dipping or table sauce for meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles or rice or as a sauce for cooking, Angel soy sauce or our premium grade Tian Nu soy sauce is the perfect complement for fine 6-star Asian cuisine as well as simple, home-cooked meals.


Bidor Kwong Heng’s founder , Lee Chong-Ho, created yellow bean paste (locally called “taucu”) which has now become an essential ingredient in many Asian recipes. This famous original recipe is still retained today in Angel’s product line.


Unlike many other oyster sauce brands, Angel oyster sauce does not contain MSG (monosodium glutamate, commonly labeled as a taste enhancer, E621). Because when oyster sauce is used in cooking, it should be for the taste and aroma of oysters, not for the MSG.

Chilli Sauce

Whether as a dip or used in cooking, Angel’s range of chilli sauces stand out as hot choices to make the perfect dish. Choose a traditional chilli and garlic sauce or try Angel’s authentic recipe of the unique Thai favorite - Sriracha hot chilli sauce.


Getting a sweet and/or sour taste that is just right is easy – choose from Angel’s selection!


From Laksa paste to Thai Red Curry paste, Angel has a variety of curry pastes to spice things up for you.


With Angel’s convenience sauces, you can quickly and easily prepare dishes of your favorite styles of Oriental cooking and enjoy the authentic taste.


Whenever you want to add a rich, aromatic sesame taste to your cooking, choose from Angel’s pure sesame oil or blended sesame oil.