How our soy sauce is made

Not all soy sauces are the same.

A good soy sauce comes from quality beans, a masterfully-created recipe with just that right proportion of ingredients and also expert brewing.

For connoisseurs of Asian cuisine, the soy sauce used in the dish is one of the most important ingredients. That’s because a quality soy sauce helps to bring out the taste and aroma of the food, often making the difference between a good and an exceptional meal.

Bidor Kwong Heng’s Angel soy sauce is the preferred choice of both master chefs and housewives because of its winning taste and quality.

  • Produced from selected quality beans following a time-honoured recipe
  • Only non-GMO ingredients used
  • 100% naturally-brewed for 3 – 6 months
  • No added HVP (hydrolyzed vegetable protein), thus free of 3-MCPD (a carcinogenic compound)